Debossing Explained

Debossing On Corporate Gifts Explained - Perkal Promotional Product Suppliers

What is debossing, you ask? In this insert, we will discuss the details and processes involved in debossing branding from start to finish.

Debossing is a unique way of branding products which originated a from the early ages of branding. The concept is simple: a customised metal plate presses the shape into an object. History shows us that this form of branding ages back to 2700 BC when the ancient Egyptians branded their cattle. It’s amazing to think that after so many years, the only thing that truly changed is the technology involved, the techniques remains roughly the same.

How does it work? A metal plate gets engraved with the desired logo and is placed into a pressing machine, which then uses high pressure management systems to imprint a company’s logo into the promotional item.

Machines were introduced in the industrial era to help increase efficiency and accuracy, yet we still maintain the human input as it’s a valuable quality checker. Also, machines can imprint logos with much higher pressure than the human force can.

Not only do the debossing machines use high pressure to imprint logos, they also operate at high temperatures (around 100 degrees Celsius/212 degrees Fahrenheit) to manipulate areas into specific shapes and sizes.

And in case you were wondering, there is a simple difference between debossing and embossing, where the latter is raised and debossing is imprinted. We hope you this helped you understand debossing and the processes involved a little bit more.