Embroidery On Corporate Gifts Explained - Perkal Promotional Product Suppliers

Embroidery is the traditional technique of sewing something into fabric. Although the concept remained the same over the years, the process has changed somewhat.

Since the beginning of human’s nature to make and work with materials, we have been weaving materials together to create beautiful clothes, furniture and tools. And with the invention of cloth, we have found a way to needle thread through materials to create marvellous things.

Years later, we still needle thread through clothes but we’ve moved on from a quivering grandmother sitting on the porch to advanced machinery. These technological advancements helps make the process fast and efficient, which is great considering the high volumes demanded by customers.

The process involves thread being embroided onto a certain material (usually cloth, denim or leather) into a specific shape which leaves the logo elevated and clearly visible. The sewing machines work by threading one colour at a time to create the multi-coloured image seen on promotional items.

Seen as more permanent solution to branding shirts or hats, embroidery is a go-to branding option for loads of organisations looking to showcase their brand in style.