Pad Printing On Corporate Gifts Explained - Perkal Promotional Product Suppliers

Pad printing is one of the many advanced yet utterly simple branding processes we use. There’s a couple of systems working together to create the imprinted logo or design. This is how it works…

Advanced machinery use silicone ‘cushions’ to inject ink into a pre-engraved design. The ink is pressed and permanently marked onto the promotional item to create a lasting impression.

These silicone pads come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the different surface areas on which the branding takes place. The designs are engraved beforehand, by machine and hand, and is prepped for the ink press.

Pads are reused from brand to brand, so they require additional equipment to get customised for the specific task. These tasks range from printing on tumblers, water bottles and even pens. So, get your business to leave a mark and use pad printing for your next promotional branding.