Corporate social responsibility

Commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important element of good corporate citizenship, alongside sustainability and good governance. Modern CSR programmes are aligned with a company’s business strategy and its engagement with key stakeholder groups. In a similar manner support for industry initiatives, customers and end-use segments enables close engagement with these important stakeholders.

Its important to give back to individuals and the community where possible.
This is not unique to Perkal, on the country – it really is amazing to see how much corporates are giving back to those organizations which are doing great things for people who are really down on their luck and in desperate need of others help
Our support of the communities where we have an impact has prioritized educational, environmental and cultural projects. Our charitable donations are geared towards issues of importance to us (eg cancer, HIV/Aids and TB). Perkal also supports initiatives of the business community to help address the development needs of the country. Perkal’s efforts focus on supporting multi-year programmes to create sustained impact in communities. The majority of Perkals CSR spend takes place in South Africa, given the development needs of the country.

Find some of the organizations that we proudly support below with links to their sites for more info on the amazing work they do