Rush Jobs With Tight Deadlines No Problem Fro Perkal Promotonal Products


It can be incredibly frustrating knowing your clients deadline from the start, informing them when we would need the order & approval by – only to have them wake up last minute – and then need a small ‘Promotional Product Miracle” performed..

Before telling client that you unfortunately cannot assist with the deadline, let us try to help you. Depending on the product they require and quantity thereof – we are often able to make magic happen. Branding big / small corporate gift & promotional clothing jobs quicker than anyone else can.

Contact us with the requirements and lets see if we can make it happen.

We usually work on an approximate 5 working day lead time for branded orders, however have been able to do jobs within 2 working days before – when clients are really desperate and we have the available branding capacity.

Unlike other corporate gift companies out there, if we are able to do it quickly for you, we DO NOT charge a surcharge for this. It is our job and our pleasure to meet deadlines and be assured, if we commit to it, we will do it!


Rush Jobs With Tight Deadlines - No Problem Fro Perkal Promotional Products