Screen Printing On Corporate Gifts Explained - Perkal Promotional Product Suppliers

This method of branding is usually deemed one of the most complex yet rewarding solutions that exist. Let’s explain why.

Screen printing involves a residue goo being poured over a mesh. Just before it hardens, a machine creates the desired logo design. This is followed by adding a special ink into the engraved shape. Once done, the entire mesh is placed under a UV light to help it dry evenly. And voila! The entire mesh is hardened except for the areas covered in ink.

This creates a negative print of the logo which is filled with ink that will be pressed onto the promotional item.

This might seem like a tedious task, and it usually is when you plan on doing it right, there is a big reward. Logos are vivid and beautifully displayed each time, ensuring your brand benefits greatly from this process with high quality branding on your promotional items.