You know how it is, your looking for that important irreplaceable image file that you last saw a year ago. You know its somewhere on your stupid computer, you can see it in front of you, but you just cant quite find it.. An hour later you are either attacking your computer or just irritated that you never found the file and pretty much concede that you never will..  This was the point I was at about 15 minutes ago and just as I was about to give up, I stumbled across something that I have been looking for for much longer.. Below I have attached screenshots and links to our very first website (Which we started around March 04) as well as the second webpage which we used From about July to Dec 04…


Surprisingly one of the most popular question that clients ask is “Where do you guys come from?”

I have always found this a difficult question to understand although have always understood it as complimentary in intention. When I stumbled upon these two original web pages dating back 2 years, the first thing that entered my mind was this question of where has Perkal come from?

This first site was hosted from my Home (HomeIP) We used it for about 6 months, it took us (My then Partner Eli Perpenyal and I) about 6 months in total to get this first site up  and so it will always have an extremely fond place in our hearts.  I know it doesn’t look like much, but everyone has to start some where.. We had no experience in this and so for us was this first site was gold, we loved this first website so much.. the pride we felt when we saw of first visitor on the website and then our first sale.. Click on the screen shot below to see the full size version, it is the first ever Perkal webpage, please note that this is just a copy of the home page, the links have been updated to link to our current website..

Perkal’s very first web site (March 2003 – Nov 2004)

Then in Nov 04 we changed to the look and feel shown in the screenshot link below, just click on the image to see the full scale version..

Perkal’s second site (Nov 2004 – Jan 2005)

Its amazing to see how the sites have changed and matured over the last 23 months and this is just the beginning. We will look back 12 months from now on the current site and be amazed at the growth.

To answer all your questions, to be honest, we came from nothing.. No huge investors or extra support, just good, hard, consistent work. We thank our customers for this growth. There are customers who have been there from the beginning and watched this progression, we thank you for the support even before we had much to offer.. It has been a fruitful 2 years and we have achieved much, but most of all we look forward – with your continued support – to building Perkal into the Empire we envisage..

Perkal Gifts site (Feb 2005 –  April 2008 )

Perkal Gifts site (Aug 2012 – 2019 )

Perkal Auctions site (Feb 05 – 2012 )

Perkal Computers site (Feb 05 – 2012 )

CURRENT website (Feb 2019)

Keep your eyes pealed as the best is yet to come…