Brand Name Corporate Gifts & Promo Products

Perkal Promo boasts a huge variety of top quality Brand Name Corporate Gifts & Promotional Clothing items

Recognizing the importance of high-quality, impactful gifts, Perkal Promo presents a diverse collection of top-tier brand name gifts and promotional clothing items. With an arsenal of approximately 50 renowned brands, each a titan in its own right, Perkal Promo stands as a beacon for businesses seeking to leave a lasting impression. From luxury to practicality, their curated selection caters to a broad spectrum of corporate gifting needs, ensuring that each gift is not only received but remembered. – each one of them a giant in-and-of itself.

Below you will find some of Brand Names we are supply. As with all our corporate gifts, we can co-brand these with your clients logo. To find out more about the power of brand name corporate gifts, click here to read our op-ed.

The more “Corporate Gift” oriented brands – such as Carrol Boyes, Andy C, Barron, Slazenger, US-Basic, Hugo Boss, Lexon, Balmain, Bettoni, Biz Collection, Altitude, Alex Varga, Eva & Elm, Cutter & Buck, Diana Carmichael etc – are listed first.